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High Quality Products

We help clients develop and manufacturing for PCBA (Printed Circuit Board Assemby), PCB (Printed Circuit Board), cables, plastics, metals and other custom parts, subsystems and complete finished products.

The current product lines include, but not limited to:
* Consumer Electronics: Video/Audio Products, Touch Screen Devices, Control Boards for different electronic devices...
* Power supply & LED products: Power Supplies, LED drivers boards, LED lighting products...
* Industry Control Boards/equipments: M2M device
* Telecommunication: IP phones, CDMA communication modules...
* Wireless industry: Smart Readers, Card readers, Wireless communication devices...

We provide excellent turnkey manufacturing service for:
* Electronic Circuit Design
* PCB Layout (Software: PowerPCB, Protel..etc) * PCBA Assembly (SMT and DIP)
* Plastic Mould Design (Software: Pro/E, Solidworks...etc)
* Plastic Injection
* Sheet Metal Tool & Stamping
* Component and material sourcing
* Connector & Cable Assembly
* Product Final assembly
* Product Testing
* Product Package
* Logistic shipping coordination